From Glenn

  • Yesterday (06/02/20), I saw the lovely Mistress Sisi and Mistress Violet. Nothing strange in that, other than the fact that I saw them with another sub "R" who had requested that 2 people were disciplined by them. All I can say is that I have never had such a great session. R was a very nice guy, and was able to take far more than I was able. The two stunning Mistresses recognised this without prompt, and disciplined accordingly. Mistress Sisi looked absolutely gorgeous in black stockings, and Mistress Violet looked great in her apparel. There was no scenario to speak of, Mistress Sisi went in one room to spank R and Mistress Violet had me over her knee and was warming me up nicely. After 10 minutes, we swapped and I went over Mistress Sisi (did I mention she was wearing black stockings) knee for a warm up from her. We then all rejoined in one room, where Mistress Sisi took R over her knee and spanked him with implements while Mistress Violet laid about my a**e with implements whilst bent over the sofa. We swapped and Mistress Sisi hauled me over her knee and used implements on me while Mistress Violet spanked R over the sofa. Mistress Sisi put me in her famous leg lock and there was no escape. We were both bent on the sofa while the two wonderful ladies paddled and horsewhipped us. I am afraid to say that I swore at one point and they both laid into me very hard. Ouch!!! Finally we were both caned. My first time, and I have to admit that it was a pleasant sensation. The hour just zipped by. Thank you so much Slapsisters. You were both fantastic, and I can't wait to return. 10 out of 10.

From R

  • I asked Mistress Sisi for 4 videos of her spanking her sub using my name. I couldn’t log on to Skype yesterday, so I was frantic to look at the videos this morning. All I can say is WOW WOW and WOW again. She does not hold back. She really blistered his butt in the videos and used the storyline I had depicted. None of this beat his butt from the off rubbish. She told a story which was realistic and led up to a severe blistering of the guy’s bum with a wooden spoon. She has legs that go on and on. I have ordered 8 more videos from her with a naughty schoolboy scenario. If you are unable to get to see them in person, I thoroughly recommend you take advantage of her very reasonably priced video sessions. She was exceptionally reliable and didn’t make me wait at all. Thank you Mistress Sisi

From Greg

  • Hello miss sisi. I am sorry for my late response. I just arrived from work, and was not able to write you earlier. I looked the video, and I am speechless. Everything was perfect. The scolding, the implements, the outfit. I went back some years, when my auntie used to spank me. When you grabbed that wooden spoon, all the painful memories came back. You remind me of her. That stern look, firm voice. I loved the stern talk, you gave me. No nonsense disciplinarian. This was just what I needed. Perfection. You truly are, the best disciplinarian there is. I know, you will give me the spanking, that I need. And if I can say miss, you are one very beautiful and attractive woman. Thank you for this video. I really cannot wait long enough to se you. Wish you all the best.

From Steve

  • Today I enjoyed a return visit to the Slapsisters.I had asked for a Boss/ employee scenario and that is what i got from verbal to otk ×2. tawsing hand / bottom ×2 over. the back of a chair for more relentless punishment riding crop belts and whatever they felt like using After getting dressed I was informed that porn had been found on the company computer. I was immediately taken to another room ordered to strip naked and securely tied down Then I was given a thorough caning by these two competent. ladies.  In the cold light of day everything I got I had asked for  and it was delivered to perfection. Thank you once again. ## sisters no mercy.          Steve xx

From Tony

  • As a nervous novice I went to see Mistress Sisi today and I had an amazing time. When she opened the front door I really wasn't expecting to see such a stunner. As a first timer seeing a Mistress I really didn't want to make a fool of myself. She put me at ease as  we chatted  about previous bad behavior and what I  could expect during our session and it was great. As regards the session, I asked for a strict aunt roleplay and she  was awesome at it. I got  smacked legs, a smacked bottom on my trousers, underpants and on  my bare bottom  and she  dragged me by my ear  which I really enjoyed when she moved me from the the settee to her chair. She spoke to me, telling me off, explaining why she was  doing what she was doing as I  was getting smacked, making me feel every bit the naughty nephew. She smacks very hard by the way. When the session was over she was kind enough to give me a lift to the train station. I have to say that she is well worth a visit and some. I came to see her  from the other side of the country as I am  from  the South West.I had the best time ever and  she has said that I can come and see her again  which I am delighted about and I will have to.

From Tim

  • I was intrigued to visit the Slap Sisters mainly because of the fascination of having the opportunity to be disciplined by two powerful ladies at the same time. This isn't something I'd ever done before. I drove a considerable distance for this reason and on my journey down my imagination was running riot with what might await me...What did await me were two of the most charming and hospitable disciplinarians I could have possibly expected to meet. I was made to feel very welcome while the role play was discussed and we prepared ourselves. When the action started both Mistress Sisi and Mistress Violet performed their parts wonderfully well and I was made to feel the lowly work-shy slacker I'd be characterised as... and punished repeatedly and relentlessly in a very professional manner. My only regret is that I let my nerves get the better of me in some respects! But both ladies acted superbly well and made me giggle about the whole thing. And although those repeated blows did truly sting and I suffered, it is impossible to leave the Slap Sisters without a warm glow and not just on your bottom. Highly recommended.

From Les

  • If you would like the idea of being reminded of going over your mothers knee for a spanking or being caned at school you must add a visit to the Slapsisters to yourbucket list. Don’t be fooled by these two charming ladies their persona certainly changes once they have a cane or horse whip in their hand which will also leave a marked effect on you. If you are of a nervous disposition don’t worry they will make you feel at ease or if you go in with an arrogant attitude they will bring you down a peg or two so be warned!!! After yesterday’s memorable visit I was left with tears of joy in my eyes from the thrashing I was rightfully receiving. I think a visit to the Slapsisters is the closest I will ever get to heaven and an experience I will remember for the rest of my life even if the marks only last for a few days. Please, please continue this great service you provide to us naughty boys and girls, what would we do without you. A massive thank you to you both and roll on my next visit, take care xxx.

Paul visits Mary Christmas

  • It had been sometime since I had seen the slapsisters. I usually see both of them, but at such short notice (I emailed Mistress Sisi at 08:00 yesterday), it was only possible to see her. Having seen her photos dressed as Mary Christmas, I asked if it would be possible for her to dress like that. She willingly agreed, and it was off to Southend I went. Greeted by Mistress Sisi wearing her fabulous costume, after a quick drink of water it was down to business. Commanding me to get undressed, she put me across her knee and gave me a warm up with hand followed by a wooden paddle. Ouch!!! She then made me lie on the bed while she deliverd a thorough thrashing with her horsewhip. That really hurt, and I let slip a swear word which warranted Sisi I mean Mary to give me an incredibly painful 25 strokes with the horsewhip at rapid pace. After a brief rest, I was given another spanking over her beautiful black stocking clad legs while she continually chastised me for my dreadful behaviour. She seeked assurances that I would be better behaved in 2020. I promised her that I would.......but somehow I doubt I will. Thank you Mistress Sisi for a wonderful hour that seemd to flash by so quickly. I cannot wait to return. Merry Christmas to you and the lovely Mistress Violet

From James

  • I was given an amazing session. The Slapsisters are an amazing highlight of my life. Even though the hoovering isn't my favourite, it was relaxing and helped ease me. We chatted a lot. You are absolutely gorgeous and with that added fun especially when you smile, and that down to earth personality that shines high above others. It will give me beautiful memories whenever I close my eyes and think of you. Your eyes dance when you smile. It is a blessing for me whenever I'm lucky enough to see you. The CP session was brilliant. In such short notice, you did the roleplay fabulously. It surprised me a little how well you did it. As for the knickers in the pocket, it flummoxed me. I never saw it till Mistress Vi took them out of my pocket. I was speechless.  Violet didn't start as gentle. I loved the OTK spanking. I always do. I loved the smacks on the backs of my legs. With implements soon being used, I was soon wincing especially the ones used firmly on my sit-spot and on my legs. Even though I seek humiliation in a session, I felt more than humiliated when you told me to stand, place my hands on my head before you slowly took down my underwear as you were sat directly in front and below me. It is exactly what I asked for but as it was from the hands of a beautiful lady who's ultra gorgeous, Same as the diaper position. I really didn't expect it. I was again very embarrassed and self conscious having a beautiful lady use an implement on my bottom in such a close and compromising position. Even though its just part of a session for you, it's a whole range of emotions for me, both good and bad. Its addictive that I'd love sooooooo much to have those 2 things when I return for a future session (the dropping of my underwear and the diaper position). Having Violet hold up my legs was fantastic. I'm not the most flexible. She helped me so much. The diaper position discipline was sore, embarrassing and something that'll stick in my mind. Oh, and I am very grateful for being undressed by my disciplinarians by their hands. So many highlights. I got so spoiled today. As for the implements.......i couldn't ask for more. How can I even put it into words? I got spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. I even got some cane strokes from the other side. Even Violet used the cane. I got a strapping that I really liked. Thank You Sisi for that. And a wonderfully hard and prolonged caning. Strokes from as high to as low as possible. Wow! I really got so spoiled now that I have moments to reflect. My bottom is warm......very warm with a lovely feeling. My legs are quite sore but in a good way. My bottom glows though. A visit to The Slapsisters is an experience that is second to none. Two outstandingly beautiful ladies whose welcome is warm and who are such fun. However, once the CP session begins..... Be Warned!!! Their level of discipline is quite amazing. I should know. I am very sore but with a warmness on my bottom from their experstise. They hit soft or hard to test limits to the maximum. Just after finishing a session with them I'm already counting the days till I return. I could not speak any higher of them if I tried. Thank You Slapsisters. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, dearest Sisi and Violet and to always and everyone who are kind and respectful to you both and who are most dearest to you, I rate my session  16543 out of 10. James x 

From Louis

  • I have never experienced anything like that before. For all you would be attendees, I can say hand on heart that from the moment i arrived i knew what i was in for and more. These ladies are truly dominant and you get lost in the session without even knowing it. Be warned it was painful and I loved it. Safe pairs of hands with both a lovely side and a wicked side and i do mean wicked. Will rebook soon when my body has recovered.

From Steve

  • I first met the (slapsisters) Sisi and Vi about 4 years ago and enjoyed a couple of domestic discipline sessions. So my visit on Monday was a return visit with a scenario of Auntie and Naughty Nephew. They had dressed as I had requested with nothing being too much trouble. So the session began. Auntie came home from work as a teacher bringing a colleague with, only to discover there had been no chores done and no dinner ready. She was not happy with me and a telling off followed. I was hauled over her knee for a spanking. Still not happy, I had to remove my trousers and pants. Both sisters set to work on my bottom which was feeling sore at that point. These ladies really do spank hard. Having decided i hadn't learnt a lesson, as I was  being cheeky and answering back, I was taken to the bedroom and stripped of the rest of my clothes. I was bent over the bed and then the onslaught started. A leather belt was raining down on my bottom with force, and after that I received a sound beating with a leather strap which made quite an impact on me. And then the cane.....I really did get a sore bottom..These lovely ladies have come a long way since my first meeting. I cannot recall being punished that hard. I definitely found what I was looking for. Thank you Sisi and Vi ...

From Lee

  • Just a big thank you Mistress Sisi for making my session last week so pleasurable. I elected to have a two hour session with Mistress Sisi of domestic servitude, punishment and foot worship. Although I arrived with some trepidation in my mind Mistress Sisi soon put me at ease and made me feel welcome and there was no need to be worried. To start my session I had the humiliation of having to strip naked in front of her and put an apron on for my domestic cleaning. As I hoovered and polished she would occasionally give my bottom a crack with her horse whip obviously to keep my mind focused on what I was doing. On completion of the cleaning Mistress Sisi inspected my work and surprise, surprise it was not up to her high standards so I was going to be severely punished. To start with I had to bend over her stockinged legs for a hand spanking which was followed by various other implements. For the next part of my punishment she took me into bedroom where I had to bend over the bed for a caning (my favourite implement) which she delivered painfully and accurately bringing back memories of my old schooldays in the 60’s. Perhaps Mistress Sisi has missed her vocation in life as she would have made an excellent Headmistress, I’m sure she would have had a queue of boys quite willing to receive ‘six of the best’ outside her office. The added bonus was I could watch myself being caned because the bed had a full length mirrored wardrobe along side it, I could also see the joy in her eyes as she delivered each painful stroke to my already throbbing bottom. The next part of the afternoon was the foot worship. Mistress Sisi ordered me to kneel in front of a stall which she placed her feet on, she then made me watch as she raised her skirt and unclipped her stockings from her suspender belt and slowly but seductively rolled them off. The next fifteen minutes or so I massaged, licked and kiss her feet while she laid back with her eyes closed hopefully enjoying what I was doing to her. I was certainly enjoying looking up at her shapely legs. The final humiliation for me was when Mistress Sisi ordered me to stand in front of her and relieve myself which didn’t take very long staring at this gorgeous lady. Mistress Sisi had asked me at the start of the session if I minded if she took some pictures and video clips for the website and I agreed to this, I cheekily asked if I would be getting any royalties for this, I don’t think she was that amused. So my session was up and it was time to get back to reality and head home with my bottom glowing bright red. I can only thank Mistress Sisi once again for letting me live out my fantasy and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. She would definitely get five stars if she was on Trip Advisor.