Mistress Sisi's Amazon Wishlist

Below I explain why I have set up this page on my website

02nd May 2020

I wish to state from the outset, that I am NOT nor will ever be a findom. It is not something that I would get involved in, but nevertheless I do understand that there are people who thrive on being dominated by means of parting with their cash, and I fully respect those that like it, and I fully respect those that practice it. I don't think findoms place a gun to the head of their devotees, so the choice is exactly that. A choice. That being said, I absolutely love it when my loyal subs ask me if there is anything they can buy me as a means to express their devotion to me. When I am asked, I will always tell them to look at my Amazon wish list which I keep up to date. We are in May which is my birthday month. More specifically, May 22nd. I was born on 22/05/?? 😀 You really didn't think....... OK. The button below, will take you to my Amazon Wishlist. Anyone who is kind enough to buy me something, will get a personal thank you message which will go on twitter and on this page. A couple of examples of those thank you messages are below. Thank you again everyone. Remember. It is entirely your choice. But one last time MAY 22ND MISTRESS SISI'S BIRTHDAY. Put it in your diary please.😊


I have received a gift of stockings (MP4)


Steve has sent me some slippers (MP4)