2nd Update 31st March 2020

Busy busy today. I have created a testimonial page on My Onlyfans page. I promise you that every single one is genuine. Every one. Take care everyone

Update 31st March 2020

Hello Everyone. (Just added a testimonial from Bad Boy. Please see Testimonials 2 page and created a new page detailing what is on my Onlyfans page.). As the UK enters its second week of lockdown, I do hope that everyone is coping and making the best of a bad situation. We all hope that this ends sooner rather than later, but we just have to do as well as we can. Not least, Mistress Violet and I. We have no visitors coming to see us, and we miss seeing you lovely people. I have added more media to The If I can't beat you page. I hope you enjoy it. I am doing a lot more Skype sessions of late which of course provides the only way of interacting with me at the moment. If you are interested in having a Skype session with me or a video message from me, then please check out my Tariff page which gives details. Please note that for obvious reasons I am unable to provide bespoke videos of me disciplining my sub or live sessions where you see me disciplining my sub. He will be back for discipline when the restrictions are relaxed and he is looking forward to it. Well.... I am looking forward to it.😈😀 I also have to say, that there will be not much more media posted here until this lockdown ends. I will search through my archives to see if there is anything I have missed, but I will not pad this site out with nonsense. I am picking up followers on my twitter account, and I will be offering a prize when we hit 1500 followers. So. I recently took part in a second online interview, and you may find this page to be an enjoyable read as I open up about how I started my disciplinarian life. This brings me on to my Onlyfans page, where I will be posting media which shows my face and actual complete sessions of me disciplining my sub. Plenty of OTK action and caning etc. A lot of the videos are of 5 minutes duration, and they tell a story. They are not just crash, bang, wallop. You will enjoy the media I post there. It costs $7.99 per month, and provides great value for money. I am not one for hard sell, but I genuinely believe that you will struggle to find such content at such a cheap price. Please click on the button below to access my Onlyfans page. That's it for me now. Take care everyone. Please be stoic and I'll catch you later. xxxxxx

2nd Update 27th March 2020

Just written another blog which I hope you will all enjoy. Have a great weekend everyone and chins up please. My sister and I wish you all health and happiness. xxx

Update 27th March 2020

Hello everyone. I hope you are coping with the lockdown, and abiding by your governments regulations. Provided that you follow the science and make the best of it, we should all get through this together hopefully. I will do my best to put a smile on your faces and for you to imagine a redness in your bottom cheeks. I have been adding a lot more additional media to my twitter feed, and also my Onlyfans web page is going from strength to strength with new subscribers every day. Tomorrow (Saturday), I will be adding a questions and answers video I produced which answers my Onlyfans subscribers questions about both my disciplinary and vanilla life. If you want to see more of me including my face, please be kind enough to subscribe. The url is above and below. Today I have added more media to the If I can't beat you page. I hope you enjoy this and all the media I have posted on here, Twitter and Onlyfans. My twitter followers have shot up as well, and I will be awarding another prize to a random follower when we hit 1500 followers. Chin up and like me please show that stiff upper lip that we Brits are famed for. xxxx

Update 25th March 2020

Good Morning everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Those of us in The UK are now enetering the second day of lockdown. Stiff upper lip and all that. I have just added some more media to The If I can't beat you page. Twitter will have updates regularly, and my Onlyfans page sees more subscribers every day. Stay well everyone please.

2nd update 24th March 2020

So we are in the first day of lockdown. I have added a new page called If I can't beat you. Basically all new media I accrue while the whole country is in lockdown, will be added to this page. I have also added a short story to this page. I aim to be updating it as often as I can. Twitter. I am also tweeting more than I normally do, and my Onlyfans page goes from strength to strength. Please view all 3 of my social media outlets, as I really do want to cheer everybody up. Remember, that I am still able to add supply most of my online services. Skype and email domination for example. I close as I always do. STAY SAFE PLEASE!!!

Update 24th March 2020

So here in The UK as I know it is throughout the world, we are to all extents and purposes on lockdown. A horrible state of affairs. I know people need cheering up, and for my part, I intend to be adding more media to all 3 of my social media outlets. This web site, My twitter account and my Onlyfans page. My Onlyfans page is the only page where you will see my face in the media I post. At only $7.99 a month, I believe it gives excellent value for money. Please stay safe and follow your governments advice. 

Update 21st March 2020

I hardly know where to start. So. I'll start at the beginning. I now have an Onlyfans page. For just $7.99  month, you can gain access to material that is not on this web site or on my twitter feed. Every single video featured, will have my face in it. I went live with 25 videos. More will be added on a regular basis. Please do subscribe to this page. I do hope you enjoy the content. In other news, I have added a tariff page which lists our services and the prices thereof. More pictures and videos have been added to The Galleries 09th March 2020 page. More testimonials added to Testimonials 2 page. One of the testimonials was a tiny bit critical of me, but I had no compulsion in putting it in as it was written. I have taken it on board. Even I cannot get it right 100% of the time. There will be a lot more media added to the website as well as Onlyfans in the near future. I can now discipline my sub live as you watch via Skype. I cannot believe just how popular the online video messages and online spanking videos have become. Thank you everyone who follows me on twitter (1346 followers at this time). I will not neglect the "free" social media, and this website and my twitter feed will be regularly updated. At this time, the hideous Corona virus has affected everyone. I sincerely hope that my social media output cheers everyone up and I just hope that everyone stays safe please. 

Update 09th March 2020

Oh my goodness me. The slapsisters have been incredibly busy since I last updated the web site. But at last I have got round to it. So..... well over 1000 followers. Thank you everyone. Prizes were despatched as promised, and just waiting for the recipient of the second video to sort out his download. So many visitors and bespoke video sessions of late. I have added 2 new pages. The first one is Galleries 09th March 2020. This contains various photos and videos far too numerous to go into here. Please just take your time and browse at your leisure. My poor sub really has gone through it of late, but he enjoys it. Well.....I tell him does😀. Testimonials keep coming, so I decided to add a second testimonial page rather than delete (as I had been doing) the oldest ones. I continue to get blitzed with twitter and email enquiries. I love reading them, but please......in the nicest possible way, I will NOT get involved in text ping pong. I am happy to be cordial and polite, but please do not tell me your life dreams. During a session both in the flesh and video there is far more scope for that and I will do so with pleasure. I am making about 12-15 bespoke videos every week with my sub, and remember that for all video services rendered, you WILL see my face. His bottom will quite literally change colour during the session🤩. So that's all for now but please remember to either fill in the contact form on the homepage of this website or email me at sisi@slapsisters.com for any enquiry relating to my/our services. Discipline sessions, Domestic servitude, Foot worship, OTK spanking a speciality and I wield a mean cane. Please follow us on Twitter at @slapsisters

Update 27th February 2020

New pictures added to Gallery & Downloads 2020. AND.....I have written another blog 

Update 24th February 2020

A lot of personal video spankings shot over the last 2 days. I have added some extra media from these sessions to the My New Services page. Looking forward to hitting 1000 followers on my twitter account @slapsisters when I will be giving away a FREE prize. 

Update 21st February 2020

A really busy week for both slapsisters. Especially me😀. This week, we have shot lots of bespoke videos for various people. Some for Spain and some for Australia included. These videos are really beginning to take off now and I am very grateful to you. The good news is...... Mistress Violet will be appearing in them by popular demand. If you would like to have your own bespoke video whereby I/we will punish one of our faithful subs calling him your name and in whatever scenario you desire, please email sisi@slapsisters.com for more information. Lots of pictures added to Gallery & Downloads 2020, and pictures/video added to My New Services. Have a lovely weekend everyone, and please continue to check out our twitter feed @slapsisters

Update 18th February 2020

Lots of new material on the website today. Yesterday Les came to see both myself and Mistress Violet. He is tough to breakdown, but we got there of course!!! Media from his visit can be found on Session Galleries 3. I have added some pictures to Gallery & Downloads 2020, including a video I shot when I was a little worse for wear. Finally, I have added a new page. This is My New Services. The title speaks for itself, and deals with video and email domination. Thank you everyone for your continued support of my social media posts. Both this website and our twitter feed which is gaining followers regularly. A prize when we reach 1000 followers. Thank you again. xxx. To visit both slapsisters or just myself for all your femdom requirements, please fill out the contact form on the Home page, or email sisi@slapsisters.com  

Update 11th February 2020

A long overdue blog which I hope you enjoy. Just done 17 bespoke videos as well. Plus 3 personal videos email sisi@slapsisters.com for details of all of our services

Update 07th February 2020

Oh my goodness. What a busy few days for The Slapsisters. I have been making lots of personalised videos. Some where I send a video message describing a spanking if you were with me, and also my new service where I spank one of my subs using your name and your scenario. This new service is really (excuse the pun) hitting the ground running. I have been really busy with these. Yesterday saw the arrival of a new visitor "A". He spent 3 hours with both of us, and media from his visit can be found in Session Galleries 3. Last night, Glenn and "R' arrived to take part in our very first double disciplinary session. I have set up a new page specifically for that session, and that is Glenn and "R" visit. Please keep checking back on the website as it is changing virtually every day. Please also follow @slapsisters on Twitter. Not long until we hit 1000 followers (hopefully) and a new giveaway will be awarded to a lucky follower. Have a great weekend everyone.

Update 4th February 2020 SPANKING BY PROXY

One of my loyal followers has made a request that started me thinking. A lot of people find the distance to Essex too far. And whereas a Skype session or a personal video message is in someway a substitute, for some it is not enough. Given that, I will now offer a video service where I am actually spanking one of my subs. You will see my face (not my sub) and you can imagine yourself in his position. The video will be up to 5 minutes in length. I will call my sub whatever name you want, and use whatever scenario you request. Please email sisi@slapsisters.com for more details

Update 05th February 2020

What a busy day yesterday was. I made a few video messages (I send a video telling you exactly what I would do to you if you were here), plus a lot of bespoke video spankings which is my new service (I spank my sub (you see my face) using your scenario and the name you wish to be used. R was so pleased, that he has ordered some more videos next week. R was delighted with his videos, and was kind enough to write a fabulous testimonial. As was Greg who loved his personal video message. If you would like to experience a video message or see me in action spanking my sub, or for any of my/our services, then please email me at sisi@slapsisters.com I have added some media including a mild horsewhipping of my sub on the Gallery & Downloads 2020 page. Today Mistress Violet and I are having a 3 hour session with a new visitor and later on an hour session with TWO very naughty boys who will think twice before they commit misdemeanours again. Hopefully (THEIR CHOICE) some media tomorrow.

Update 29th January 2020

Wow....A marathon session of domestic servitude, foot worship and discipline with my loyal slave Sid from India. He flew in to see me and we spent 6 hours together. Media from the session on The Slaves page. I have also added some pictures of me on The Gallery & Downloads 2020 page. Just a reminder. If you would like to serve me as a domestic cleaner, or to visit both my sister and I or just me for punishment, please get in contact using the contact form on The Home Page or email me at sisi@slapsisters.com Also on the Home Page is a short introductory video explaining our services

Update 28th January 2020

Yesterday Steve came to visit Mistress Violet and I. We had a great time disciplining him as Office bosses. We certainly taught him a lesson he will never forget. So keen was he to impress, that he fired off a testimonial when he got home. Media from his visit can be found on Session Galleries 3 and his testimonial is on the testimonials page. I have added a couple of pictures to the Gallery & Downloads page. As we inch towards 1000 followers on Twitter, I just need to say that once we hit 1000 followers, a new prize will be offered to a random follower. Enjoy perusing the website, and for any enquiries regarding our services including discipline, foot worship, domestic servitude, skype sessions, video messages etc please email me at sisi@slapsisters.com or use the contact form on the Home page.

Update 26th January 2020

Yesterday Tony visited me. This was Tony's first ever visit to a mistress. I relish seeing first time callers. I was able to put him at ease and a splendid hour followed. Tony has written a testimonial, and this can be found by clicking on this link. Anyone toying with the idea of seeing a mistress, please do not worry. My sister and I or just me will always put you at ease ready to embrace the session and leave you wanting to come back and visit us again