A second testimonial page.

Thank you everyone who has been kind enough to send me testimonials. We are very grateful

Testimonial From Bad Boy

  • I appreciate the effort gone to in regard to payment and Dropbox as well. I really enjoyed the video, and as well as it being excellent to see you as head girl in school uniform (with face included!), I particularly liked your scolding throughout the clip. You are excellent at dominating and punishing a naughty schoolboy, hauled over your lap for spanking, stripped, and caned. You do extremely well with simple technical resources, it's really impressive -- and if the one glitch was not actually seeing his/my underpants being pulled down, this was amply compensated for by the glimpse at the end of your stocking tops. 😉 Thanks so much again and may you go from strength to strength (particularly with your caning arm 🙂)

Testimonial from Steve


  • Today i visited Mistress Sisi on a hastily rearranged visit due to the corona virus . On arrival i was met by smiing Mistress. Sisi..without a scenario i was at her mercy. A 6 of the best cold caning to start certainly hit the spot. followed by a lengthy otk spanking which i thoroughly enjoyed.Mistress Sisi dice game followed with the use of various implements and positions. Next came the riding crop which is no doubt a favorite of Mistress having acquired another 2 to her array of implements. Having had a whipping with each they are not for the faint hearted the smile on Mistress Sisi face is priceless as she goes about her work.Finally another thorough caning adding more colour to my already red bottom.. A wonderful casual laid back session with a true professional Mistress. I cannot thank you enough Mistress and would recommend it to any one thinking about a visit. Steve

Testimonial from Mike

  • I found it interesting enough to visit the SlapSisters web site, bookmarked it, and visited it occasionally. While there were a couple of comments from other readers of that interview that SlapSisters might not really be "genuine disciplinarians," mostly based on Sisi's brief answers to some of the questions. That didn't let that bother me, though. I read the interview responses that clearly indicated that they truly love to spank and had something to share. I'm in the US, but I've been thinking about doing some traveling to Europe later this year, and thought of making a stop in Essex to spend an hour with Sisi and maybe Violet, too. Since the photos and 30-second videos on the web site didn't really show me what they looked like and how they really conducted a spanking session, I decided to order a custom-made video. 5 minutes is a pretty short video, but at least I'd be able to see a whole person and get a sense of what they do and how they do it. I wrote to Sisi, gave her an outline of a workplace scenario as a guide to producing my video. A few hours later, I received a reply that she liked the scene and, since her "sub" (who would play the part of me in the video) would be there for a few more hours, she could get right on to it. I sent her the payment via PayPal and eagerly awaited the arrival of my virtual spanking. When I opened the file in my computer and got my first glimpse of the whole Sisi, I was glad I took the plunge. She's quite attractive. The action started when she explained why she had called "me" to her office for a talk. Her demeanor was polite but strict and to the point. She explained that some of my co-workers were feeling uncomfortable around me, and  "I" acknowledged it and apologized. Since she didn't want to fire me or deal with a sexual harassment lawsuit, she believed that if she could tell the those who had brought the complaint to her attention that I had been adequately punished, they would be satisfied that the issue was resoloved. Over her lap "I" went for a short but brisk spanking over my pants. Then she let me up and immediately noticed that I was staring at her in the same way that caused the problem she was trying to solve. Then she got into some serious scolding, and it was back over her knee, bare this time, for another dose. While the spanking itself didn't appear to be a real butt-blisterer, it was firm and smartly delivered. She finished up and sent me back to work. There's a certain reality to a short video like this. When you get a spanking video from one of the upscale producers, it's scripted and not representative of an actual session with the spanker. In a half-hour video, the first fifteen minutes might be just talk before the action starts, and then it's more a display of the spanker's implements and their use than what "Mommy" might do in real life. In my video, Sisi, taking clues from the outine I sent her, played out the scene perfectly, fitting all my ideas together into a 5-minute play. She was even able to incorporate a wardrobe request that I had made, one which I thought might be out of scope. And the length and pacing was just right for the kind of spanking that was given. This wasn't a fancy multi-camera edited shoot, just real time with a phone camera on a stand, but it was positioned and zoomed just right, the lighting was good, there was no distracting scenery or curious objects in the shoot, and the audio was clear - it was easy to understand the words that both spoke. The only hitch there was with the phone's automatic volume control. When she was talking while spanking, her voice was a bit low, though still understandable. This is to be expected given the low-budget setup, and overall I have no complaints with the technical quality, and certainly no complaints about the scene, dialog, and action. The only thing that I wish had gone better was on the front and back ends. She doesn't have any details on the web site about how to pay for a video, the video file format, and and how the the file would get from there to here. She understood that the video file was too large (about half a gigabyte) to attach to an e-mail message, so she normally uses Skype or WhatsApp to send the file over the Internet. I don't use either of those appications (I'm old enough so that I don't have to if I don't want to) and I asked if she could use Dropbox. She said that she could accommodate that and that an associate (I suppose) would soon send me a link to download it. After a few hours and a few more e-mail exchanges, he finally got it right and I got the file. Still, it was all done, start-to-finish in a day, service that I wouldn't get from any of the more upscale spanking video producers, and at much less expense. Based on their Twitter postings, they must do a dozen or more of these short videos every week. A "tech details" page on the web site would be helpful, particulaly for fossils like me who don't keep up with all the current applications. All in all, a clink of the glass to Sisi and company, and that while I'll enjoy watching this short video now and then, it sold me on booking a live session one day.

Testimonial from Willy.


  • I had the most incredible 15 minutes watching 3 of the most fantastic videos that Mistress Sisi produced for me spanking her sub.They were sensational. She tells a story. Not just thrashing him for 15 solid minutes. But leading up to it in a great story. By the time she finished with him though his ass was black and blue. I cannot wait to get some more. Very reasonably priced, I would thoroughly recommend her videos to anyone who like me enjoys seeing a great otk spanking film.

Testimonial from Peter

  • I have now had quite a few videos from Mistress Sisi. She is absolutely superb at what she does. I have yet to visit her in person, but her bespoke videos are quite fantastic. The way she spanks her sub using my scenario and my name is something else. I actually feel quite sorry for her sub, even though I would willingly swap places with him in an instant. I can assure anyone and everyone who cannot get to visit her in person that this lovely lady will make you feel as if you really are bent over her knee and spanking you really hard. And her prices are incredibly reasonable. I will definitely be having some more videos and may even have 1 or 2 that have the lovely Mistress Violet in them as well. In fact I feel a wicked scenario coming on. 10/10 for quality and 10/10 for how Misrress Sisi is always true to her word and is always prompt with her videos

Testimonial from Fred

  • Thank you for your e mail and for the session which i did enjoy very much, thank you for also taking the time to explain things You have lovely feet and legs and it was an honour to worship your feet I would like to visit you again and hopefully your sister as well I will be in touch

Testimonial from Marty

  • For a dedicated spankee like me who craves English female domination, Mistress Sisi is a godsend. Living here in California, I find USA doms are frankly not up to it. So when I saw Mistress Sisi advertise her Skype video sessions, I got me a Skype account immediately. One always wonders about how safe sending money to an unknown really is. I need not have worried. Within a day of it being posted, she contacted me informing me of the arrival of my tribute. She told me when the videos would be recorded, and that I would receive them the same day. She was true to her word. I have never seen such genuine pain inflicted on her poor sub. It was incredible. What an actress she is as well. I purchased 2 more sets. The last one (yesterday) was a set of 6 videos. No padding out, she tells a story and her sub is a fine actor as well. His backside was exceptionally marked and very red when she had finished with him. I cannot stop watching them, and I will be having more next week. I am starting to build up quite a collection of videos from her. I might even get some of her and her sister spanking her sub together (sorry sub). I urge you to buy her clips from her if you are unable to visit. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Mistress Sisi. Thank you sub