My new Onlyfans page

I have had numerous emails and messages asking me to have media that shows a bit more from my sessions. Now given that for the forseeable future it is impossible to session with me, I decided to create an Onlyfans page. This has extensive (being added to on a near daily basis) media of me disciplining my sub as per requests we have had for bespoke videos. There are at the moment 57 videos and 74 pictures of me. VIRTUALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS MY FACE SHOWN IN THEM. The session videos do not have me just spanking him, you will gat a set of sometimes 10-15 videos which always tell a story. Not just crash, bang, wallop. Every session video has a story to it. There are other videos as well. I asked my subscribers to provide me with a question and answer session. This has proved so popular, that I will soon post another one. I have also made a bedtime story video where I read a story about a disciplinary session I personally have been involved in or my subscribers have fantasised about. I will be doing another one again based on a poll of scenarios I have suggested. I often post videos of me talking to my subscribers and generally trying to provide maximum value for money. I am always open to suggestions, and my subscribers may and do come up with ideas in order to keep the page fresh. The cost of this, is just $7.99 per month. This provides incredible value for money. Make no mistake. Nothing will ever beat😀a visit to the slapsisters. But I do hope that in thie current climate, it provides the next best thing. So please..... subscribe at   Thank you. xxx


Testimonials from My Onlyfans subscribers

Some of my subscribers have been kind enough to leave reviews on my new page. I told them that it would go in unedited and if there were any complaints, I would keep those in. Here they are. Please don't blame me for the names, these are their names of choice. Nothing wrong in that.

From Paul Mack

  • Mistress Sisi, Is a strong strict lady with a drive to dive deep into your secrets to make them come true. No matter how you want to view her. In my case, she is the knowledge filled strict aunt I never had. One who is not afraid to voice her concern but lay out a plan to address the issue. In my personal case, I give a message in the morning and lay out of my daily actives. If you need a quick update during the day. I can message her knowing she will read it. A message at night all are answered with  complete understanding and need a cyber punishment or just talk that is one-sided her side that is the only right answer. She demands respect at all times and let you know how to treat ladies at all times. I know I might not ever get a hands-on punishment from her but I know she only has my very best interest at heart. If you want real action her onlyfans page is the way to go.

From Sub Steve

  • Here is my testimonial: I have been following Mistress Sisi on Twitter for about six months now and enjoy her regular tweets which both inform and entertain. There is however a downside. For understandable reasons of privacy all photos and videos are cut off at the shoulders. Therefore I was delighted when a couple of weeks ago she launched her Only Fans site with all media showing her beautiful face. The monthly fee is really a bargain. Not only was there already a stock of video and pictures there already, they are added to daily, usually more than once. The quality of the media is excellent with Twitter clips merely a taste of what you can find on Only fans. The theme of the content varies from the Mistress spanking her sub in different scenarios, to point of view scenes straight to camera, often personalised. This covers discipline with a variety of implements, in different roles, a wealth of stylish outfits, and regular nods to her beloved foot worship. I have occasionally subscribed to other ladies pages but never for more than a month as this is plenty of time to view all the material with little in the way of updates. This is what makes Mistress Sisi's page such value for money, not only the quality and volume of the content but also the regularity of posts. In addition she interacts with her patrons via comments and private messages. This led to the highlight so far, a 15 minute video entitled On The Bed with Mistress Sisi, where she gave her answers to a variety of questions from subscribers. If you enjoy following Mistress Sisi on Twitter or enjoy looking at her website you really should subscribe to Only Fans. You won't regret it!

From Marty James

  • In The USA, the chances of running into a British Dom are negligible. In Mistress Sisi, we have a godsend. I have followed her on twitter and her website and that is great. But the only fans page is phenomenal. She comes over so warm in her messages, but looking at these videos, she can be one tough Dom obviously. Very good content for a reasonable price. She keeps her promises, and updates regularly. I am originally from The UK, and when I get back later this year, it is my intention to session with her for an hour or 10 Thank you Mistress Sisi. Keep it going xxx

From Peter Potts

  • Without question, Mistress Sisi's only fans page is fantastic. I have subscribed to other Mistresses pages via clips4u etc, and this is easily the best value for money you can get. Subscribe. You will not be disappointed

From Willy Wonker

  • I am in New York City. Mistress Sisi's reputation is great far and wide. She is the subject of a few chat rooms we have out here. I was supposed to visit her but sadly I could not. I have watched her twitter feed and web site with great interest. Those in itself were great. But the only fans page is quite sensational. Lots and lots of media on the page and the promise of more to come. Plus other videos about her vanilla life etc. Those of you who only view through Twitter and her website, are missing out because you don't see her beautiful face. On Onlyfans, you do. She is absolutely gawjus. I congratulate her. She did invite critical comments as well. I genuinely have none

From Glenn Tampon

  • I have had the privilege of visiting Mistress Sis, following the @slapsisters twitter account and I am an avid reader of her website. She is an absolutely outstanding disciplinarian in the flesh, and this page is a godsend to us in The UK, who are unable to visit her at the moment. The spankings on this page are excellent, and there is a lot of media posted. Great value for $7.99. She did say that she would post criticisms as well, so my only criticism is that Mistress Violet does not appear anywhere on the page.  Keep up the good work Mistress Sisi. I cannot wait to visit you soon

From Lee

  • We all have our own guilty pleasures for some people it’s chocolate but mine is quite definitely the Slapsisters. I’m very lucky to live nearby so I can visit them whenever I feel the need so I was not sure about joining Onlyfans but because it was very fairly priced I decided to give it a go and I 100% do not regret that decision. Now you can see this delightful and sexy ladies face it’s almost like she is talking to you as she raises her voice and looks directly at the camera and blurts out her orders to her poor sub. I say poor sub wouldn’t we all like to be in his position. I particular enjoyed the Q&A session it was nice to find out more about Mistress Sisi the person and what makes her tick. I joked with her that I had some x-rated questions for next time and she sternly put me in my place telling me she would only answer the one’s she felt appropriate. I’m sure for such cheek that cane will be delivered with extra gusto across my bottom the next time I visit and quite rightly so. I have no criticisms of the site but it would be great if Mistress Violet was to get involved I could just see them sitting on the bed doing a Q&A session it would be hilarious because being sisters they bounce off of each other so well. Whenever I see these ladies they always bring laughter, warmth and redness to my cheeks at both ends. Mistress Sisi is at the top of her game at the moment so I would wholly recommend to anyone to join Onlyfans.

From Ian

  • Mistress Sisi's Only fans page is very good. She goes out of her way to try and please everyone which is not easy to do. She posts a lot of good things on the page. Videos, Photos, Message it is well worth the money as you can see how much work Mistress Sisi puts into it. Mistress Sisi seems a very nice strict lady. I think she knows how to punish a naughty bum Thank you for the only fans site Mistress Sisi.

From Hank

  • All I can say is that watching you....listening to you....and imagining myself across your knee has been such a delight in these dark times!.....I want to thank you for being on here!,are truly amazing!.....and wow!.....those legs!....every time you cross your legs my heart skips a beat!....bless you!

From Peter notre Damme

  • I have had many videos from Mistress Sisi of her spanking her sub. She is an excellent disciplinarian on film. I love these videos and can’t wIt to see more content soon. The pictures are fantastic. When all this shit is over, I will visit her for sure. Best wishes

From Wally

  • I live in Australia, and there is no doubt that the Dom scene over here is rubbish compared to The UK. I have been back to the motherland a few times, and seen Doms but sadly not The Slapsisters. I first discovered them on twitter, and from there their fantastic web site which is very good and informative. Some time ago, I decided to purchase a bespoke video where Mistress Sisi punishes one of her subs. The only way I could pay for this, was by asking a relative to send her the money by cash. Not a great proposition, but it was the only method I could use. I needn't have worried. The next day she messaged me to say the cash had arrived. Later that day a video arrived by means of Skype. A fantastic 2 x 5 minute videos which told a story of my choosing. I ordered some more, and the procedure never changed. Confirmation of funds receipt the next day and video arriving as well. Once, Mistress Sisi was worried because the funds hadn't arrived but the next day she assured me they had. And so to the Only fans page. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!! An incredible amount of videos/pictures for just $USD 7.99. And stuff every day. The only thing I would like to see is Mistress Violet on the site. Here's hoping. And I do feel sorry for your sub. Thank you