My New Services

I am now offering new services. Below is a full description of what I am now able to provide

This is just how i like my subs

OTK spanking my sub (mov)


Video messages, Videos of me spanking my sub and email domination

In January, I received an email from a sub who finds it very difficult to make the trip to Essex. He asked if he could have a video message from me. I contemplated this, and thought "Why not?" I sent him his message in which I told him with my face fully on show exactly what I would do to him if he was here in front of me ready to be punished. He was so pleased, that he ordered another 2 videos using different scenarios. Then another sub asked if there was any way I could be filmed actually disciplining one of my subs. After discussing it with my most trusted sub, I decided to go for that as well. All I can say is that I wish I had had the idea a long time ago, as it has been incredibly successful. I thank you for that. I think my sub (foolish boy) readily agreed not knowing just how popular it would become. We are now shooting videos every week, sometimes twice a week. Then at the beginning of February, a sub asked if he could be dominated by email. Again, something I am only too happy to provide. Below each aspect is covered with costs involved 

Video messages describing a session with you if you were in my presence to receive punishment

The personal video service is where I record a video specifically for you, I will address you however you want to be known, and send a message based on what you want, be that chastising you for misdemeanours etc, followed by a description of what I would like to do as punishment. The video will last a minimum of 2 minutes, and a maximum of 5 minutes. You say how long you want it to be. My face will be shown in the video. You will also need a Skype account in order for me to send you the video, as it is too big to email. 

The tribute is payable before I record it, and is £1 per minute, so no less than £2 & a maximum of £5. 

A video of me actually disciplining my sub

I can punish one of my subs calling him any name you wanted him to be called. This would be a full on spanking that you would again receive by video. You would see my face in this and a video message, but not my subs. The tribute for a 5 minute video is £10. And again the tribute is payable before I record it,

Skype Sessions

Although not new, this is a service I have provided since last year. Still popular, this where we skype video face to face. This will cost £20.00, and typically the session will last between 20-30 minutes

Just added 20th March 2020

I will discipline my sub in a live Skype session. The cost of this is £12.00 for 5 minutes and £15.00 for 10 minutes

Email Domination

You would ask me for a bespoke email detailing a session of discipline with me. I would write you a lengthy email tailored to your choice. Every email would be different. The cost of this is £10.00 per email.


First a warm up spanking (mov)


I cane my sub to warm him up after the spanking (mov)




Break between videos (mov)


I don't smoke (mov)


Aftercare for my sub. (mov)


24th February 2020

More personalised videos made. Below are some extras I shot with my poor sub after we had finished. Just to let him know that I am always in charge of him and when I call......he answers.....IMMEDIATELY


Sub spanked in a leglock (mp4)


A good over the knee strapping (mp4)


What utterly naughty bad subs deserve (mp4)